Relanco™️ Multipurpose Easy Juicer Blender

Relanco™️ Multipurpose Easy Juicer Blender

20 Nov 2020 relanco products

Relanco™️ Multipurpose Easy Juicer Blender

USB portable juicer is specially made for the people who want to enjoy the freshly prepared fruit juices while travelling or outing.

Portable juicer made it possible to enjoy fresh juices even if we are far from home, where the juicer machines are out of reach and inaccessible.

The lightweight and easy to carry portable juicer usually run on batteries and rechargeable via USB hubs. These juicers are efficient enough to make one or two glasses of fruit juices once the battery is fully charged, even if it runs out of battery, you can always charge it with your portable travel charger or power banks.


Make sure that you don’t juice hard fruits or seeds which require lots of power to properly liquidize. It may damage the product if you do so.

You can juice soft fruits like, Watermelon, banana, orange, apple etc with these type of portable juicer.

A perfect bottle for travellers, and business trip or other activities. The compact and lightweight size of this juicer lets it store and carry it even in the side pockets. It comes with high-quality stainless steel which rotates at efficiently high speed to prepare juice, smoothies, and blends within a minute or two.

This portable juicer is very easy to clean, dissemble. You just have to rotate the upper portion and separate it from the base. At the bottom there is an easy switch for on and off, to start and stop the motor. To start you have to double-tap the button and to stop long press.

Below the button, there is a USB port that supports almost any personal digital gadget such as, Laptop, Smartphone, Car USB, OTG power bank, etc. This portable juicer is not suitable for hard fruits or vegetables to squeeze hard fruits more powerful motor is required. But You can pretty much juice all the soft fruits with this portable juicer.

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